This week, Kuhn Centre Ireland hosted three tillage demos at locations in Tipperary, Kilkenny and Laois. Kuhn’s Killian Griffith said after the event: “We are truly delighted how it turned out, the weather was excellent and people came out to see the machines working. I want to thank everyone for attending the events and for their custom and support. We will also be planning more demo events in the near future at various locations.”

Watch the full video from the demo here:

The machines being demonstrated were:

1. Optimer + 303

The latest Optimer + disc harrow was demonstrated. This machine was the 3m version, but it is also available in 4m, 5m and 6me versions, which are folding in order to comply with transport widths and can be either lift-arm mounted or trailed. The Optimer + is fitted with 24 serrated discs, each with 20 notches and a diameter of 510mm. Each disc is mounted on an individual leg via a sealed bearing and 80mm shaft. The discs are arranged with a 6° vertical offset and 16° horizontal offset and are fitted with four polyurethane blocks for increased disc safety. Moving towards the rear of the machine, an after-harrow is standard spec followed by a choice of three roller options - T Ring, T Liner or PackLiner. The entire machine has only four grease points and comes standard with front and rear lights for added safety. Weighing in at 2,130kg the Optimer + has a horsepower requirement of 120+ and can also be fitted with hydraulic or electric powered seeders for sowing cover crops. Retail prices start at €16,500 + VAT.

2. Cultimer 300

The Cultimer 300 mounted cultivator was also demonstrated. This was the 3m version fitted with a T ring roller, but it can also be equipped with a T Packer or PackLiner roller options. The 3m version is fitted with 10 legs, each with a mechanical break back system with a 600kg force. At the business end of each leg is a 80mm carbide share, which allows for deep cultivation of 12in plus. Alternatively, the legs can be fitted with winged shares to incorporate better mixing to a depth of 4in to 6in. Behind the legs is a row of 460mm levelling discs which can be manually adjusted via a winder for both height and angle. For added safety, lights are fitted as standard both front and back. This machine has a retail price of €18,000 + VAT and a horsepower requirement depending on working depth of 150+.

3. Master 123

The five-furrow Master 123 plough was also shown to the public at the events. This plough was a 4E (4+1 furrow) Vari Master Version fitted with HP66 boards, which are a wide board allowing compatibility with up to 710 tyres. The plough beam on this model is 120mm, with a 150mm option available. To increase strength where it is needed, the plough is reinforced from the first to the third furrow where the most stress is. This particular model had 500mm discs and the 2XL skimmers fitted, but can also be specified with the ZRL versions for ploughing in heavy trash conditions such as straw or maize stubble. For working in stony conditions, the plough was equipped with an auto reset hydraulic trip system, which is one complete closed system with a larger diameter cylinder of 120mm on the first furrow and 110mm on the rest to allow for the increased stress on that point. The Vari Width system is contained out of harm’s way within the plough beam and offers a range of between 12in and 18in. Looking after the depth is a 690mm depth wheel, which is fitted with a shock absorber to ease it into position after each run. This plough has a horsepower requirement of 150+ and retails at €25,000 + VAT, depending on spec.

4. HR3004 Power Harrow and LC3000 Seed Drill

Finishing off the day was the Kuhn LC Drill fitted onto a HR 3004 Power Harrow. This entire unit is 3m wide for easy transport on the road.

The power harrow is fitted with 10 rotors with quick attach tines or bolt on options. The speed of the harrow can be changed via gears in the 250HP gearbox to increase the rotor speeds.

Safety is taken care of on the harrow via a friction clutch in case of a stone jam in the rotors. The scribes are harrow-mounted, thus staying with the harrow when the drill is dismounted. Each side of the harrow features a side board which keeps soil within the harrow and avoids ridging.

Moving towards the rear of the harrow, it is fitted with a 550mm packer roller with tungsten carbide scrapers. There are various other roller options to suit different soil conditions.

Moving up to the drill, this machine is fitted with a 1,200l steel hopper, which has a wide opening steel lid to allow easier filling with large seed bags or loaders. Air is supplied to this unit via a hydraulic fan with belt and independent drive fans available as options.

The seed unit itself consists of 24 discs in a two-row arrangement with 12.5cm row spacing; this is also available in a 20-disc version with 15cm row spacing. The discs have a 41mm offset and are 350mm between centres to allow trash to flow through easily.

All the discs and press wheels are fitted with scrapers to allow them work in heavy soils. The seed itself is dropped in front of the disc, which then places it into the ground before the press wheel applies up to 50kg pressure to it to consolidate the seed.

All coulter adjustments can be made manually while all seed metering and calibration is done electrically. The complete unit on demo retails at €40,000 excluding VAT and has a HP requirement of 130+.