New Zealand - manifesto for NZ agriculture

Beef+Lamb New Zealand and Meat Industry Association New Zealand have published a joint manifesto for the industry which has been sent to all members of parliament ahead of an election later this year.

USA - Tyson wage increases

Tyson Foods, the largest meat processor in the US employing 142,000 people, has announced a $50m thank-you bonus for staff, along with a $100m increase in wages.

EU - agri food trade flows

EU agri-food exports fell slightly in October to €20.7bn, while imports increased by 3% to €15.7bn, giving a new record combined trade flow of €36.5bn.

China - economic rebound

Despite a COVID-19 slowdown at the end of 2022, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) January economic forecast for China is revised upwards to 5.6% as the country reopens.