Based in Co Cavan, Mastek is one of the country’s leading manufacturers of low-emission slurry-spreading equipment. Following on from the success of its Professional Universal Dribble Bar (PUDB), with units working worldwide, a new trailing shoe system has been introduced.

The brand’s full range of low-emission spreading equipment is complemented by the addition of the firm’s own Supercut Macerator, launched at last year’s Ploughing.

Trailing shoe

The new eco trailing shoe is the answer to customers requiring a simple, compact, low-emission application system. The trailing shoe is available in two sizes, 7.5m and 9m.

The unit has a unique gull wing-like folding technique, adding to its compact design. A lift-and-tilt mechanism is fitted for headland turning and to prevent slurry leakage during transport.

All pins and linkages are fitted with grease points and replaceable bushings for straightforward maintenance.

Managing director Paul Quinn told the Irish Farmers Journal that Mastek’s trailing shoe coulter springs have the ability to apply a downward pressure of 8kg, which is required to meet EU legislation.

This is so slurry is precisely placed under grass cover, without contaminating leaves.

The eco trailing shoe can be supplied with either C-top hydraulic valves or with load-sensing capabilities.

Units can be either retro-fitted to existing tankers or mounted on new tankers that are supplied with mounting brackets.

Prices for the eco trailing shoe will start from €17,500 up to €22,000 plus VAT, depending on specification.

Slurry tankers

For the first time, Mastek will also have its own slurry tanker range at the Ploughing Championships.

There will be two models on display, a single-axle 2,500 gallon tanker fitted with a 9m eco trailing shoe; and a 1,600 gallon tanker fitted with a 6.5m universal dribble bar.

According to Paul Quinn, the idea is to be able to supply customers with the complete system if required.