DAERA statistics continue to show an upward trend in the butterfat and protein content of milk produced in NI.

From January to July, butterfat on the average dairy farm stands at 4.10%, up from 4.06% last year and 4.01% in 2020.

Butterfat is now 0.14% above levels recorded five years ago in 2017.

Protein content during the first seven months of 2022 averaged 3.28%, up from 3.25% last year and 3.26% in 2020. Five years ago, protein averaged 3.21% over the same time period.

Valuing each 0.01% incremental change at 0.025p/l for butterfat and 0.035p/l for protein, the annual rise in solids adds just over 0.3p/l to the value of milk sold.


Meanwhile, following a downturn in key commodity values at last week’s leading dairy market auctions, the Ulster Farmers Union has revised its milk price indicator (MPI), reducing it by 0.63p/l to 47.56p/l.

Allowing for processing margin and transport, the MPI would reflect a base price in the region of 43p/l, which is 3p/l to 4p/l below what processors are currently paying.

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