Boortmalt imposes €12/t energy charge on growers
Siobhán Walsh
With the malt harvest in full swing, yield and quality are excellent, but strict protein restrictions are an issue for growers.
10 August 2022 Dealer
Autumn agreement would lead to smoother harvest
August is no time for negotiating harvest arrangements, but Boortmalt's positive influence on the Irish tillage sector should not be overlooked.
10 August 2022 Letters
Letter highlighting the need to provide assistance to Ukrainian farmers
"Support Ukraine: Kiev Calling" - Brendan Dunleavy, B.Agr.Sc. (Hons), Killeshandra, Co Cavan.
Spring barley gets off to a good start
Early indications from the spring barley harvest would suggest that crops are living up to or exceeding grower expectations
27 July 2022 News
Satellite check notifications begin for tillage schemes
Those who applied for the Protein Aid Scheme and the Straw Incorporation Measure may be checked via satellite.
21 July 2022 News
NI milk quality increases in 2022
Milk produced in NI during 2022 has seen higher butterfat and protein levels compared to previous years.
13 July 2022 Northern Ireland
Kerry Group touches 51c/l for June milk
The first to set its price for June milk, Kerry Group has kicked its price on another 2c/l on that paid last month.
11 July 2022 News
Feed prices edge up €15/t for July, as fears ease over winter price hikes
Feed prices are on the rise again this month, with feed merchants that had held off price hikes for the last two months increasing quotes by €10/t to €15/t for July.
6 July 2022 News
France tightens labelling rules for plant-based 'meats'
The French are among the first to introduce such legislation in the EU, although similar rules have been previously passed for describing plant-based milk alternatives.
6 July 2022 News
Danone launches 60% plant formula for vegetarian babies
The taste of plants in the new formula recipe will familiarise babies with plant flavours, says Danone. The company claims the product has a 30% lower carbon footprint than regular formula products.
6 July 2022 News
Dairying has an enormous future - MEP Colm Markey
The 30th European Dairy Farmers Congress kicks off in the Rochestown Park Hotel in Cork on Tuesday 28 June.
28 June 2022 News
NI milk processors paying double for water
The clear signal being sent to NI milk suppliers is still to drive volume.
22 June 2022 Northern Ireland