Tirlán and Dairygold suppliers see cuts to February milk price
Rachel Donovan
Tirlán chair John Murphy said that the farmgate milk price needed to move lower this month to reflect the "significant correction in market returns".
21 March 2023 News
Tirlán cuts February milk price by 7c/l
Tirlán said that the farm gate milk price needed to move lower this month to reflect the significant correction in market returns.
15 March 2023 News
Calls for Irish submissions on new EU Protein Strategy
Irish stakeholders are invited to make submissions to the new proposed EU Protein Strategy.
Feed ration prices unchanged for March
Livestock rations in NI will see little movement in price quotes during March.
1 March 2023 Northern Ireland
Retailers commit to reduce meat and dairy and disclose protein sources
As Lidl Germany commit to reducing animal proteins in their offering, they reflect a growing trend in the market in which corporate commitments often go beyond legislative requirements.
1 March 2023 News
High beans inclusion not an issue for animal performance
Dairygold nutritionist Coleman Purcell spoke about the inclusion of beans in animal feed rations at the Irish Tillage and Land Use Society’s spring seminar.
28 February 2023 News
Dempsey at Large: re-examination of regulations overdue
It is ironic that the vast bulk of protein imports into Europe is soya from North and South America, produced with GM technology, a technology which is forbidden in Europe.
22 February 2023 Viewpoints
Dairygold milk price slips with the rest
Dairygold is the latest major co-op to announce a reduced milk price for January supplies.
17 February 2023 News
Co-ops slash milk prices and warn more to come
Milk processors in Northern Ireland have announced severe cuts to base prices for January supplies.
15 February 2023 Northern Ireland
Lakeland boss rings milk price alarm bells
Teagasc figures show that soaring input costs saw the cost of production of a litre of milk rise to 37.84c/l in 2022.
8 February 2023 News
Max protein crop payment of €700/ha in 2023
Farmers could be paid as much as €700/ha in 2023 for growing protein crops, but the payment is likely to be lower than this.
8 February 2023 News
Protein aid subject to changing maximum payment across CAP
The Protein Aid Payment is subject to change across the years of the new CAP. The maximum payment will change each year.
5 February 2023 News