With all processors opting for another price-cut for April supplies, it left the NI average base price at 32.51p/l, the lowest it has been since October 2021.

This average has now fallen 16.5p/l from the record high, set back in December last year. Across individual processors, a gap of 2.55p/l exists from the highest to the lowest base price for April, although the leading base of 33.55p/l paid by Dale Farm comes before transport charges apply.

Shown in Table B are the prices payable to 1m litre suppliers during April for milk produced at high and average solids, with the milk qualities used in calculating the prices outlined in Table 1 on the opposite page.

High solids

On high-solids milk, prices averaged 35.37p/l across all processors for April, down from 38.64p/l in March.

Tirlán/Fivemiletown is out in front for the second month in a row, with a price of 36.72p/l, and is the only processor to pay above 36p/l.

The Tirlán price is calculated under its hybrid A+B-C option, and for this high-solids milk, this system delivers 0.4p/l more to suppliers than if 100% of milk was paid for using its conventional payment model.

Behind Tirlán, Dale Farm moves up one place to second, with its price boosted by higher payments for fat and protein coming into effect on April milk.

Strathroy slips to third with Aurivo in fourth. Glanbia Cheese and Lakeland are unchanged in fifth and sixth.

Average solids

For milk produced at average solids, prices across all processors averaged 34.64p/l – down 3.3p/l from March.

Tirlán leads on 35.65p/l, with Dale farm again moving up one place to second, while Strathroy slips to third.

Aurivo also moves up one place to fourth, while Glanbia Cheese drops to fifth and Lakeland rounding out the table.

Rolling milk price

Shown in Table C is the 12-month rolling milk price for the period ending April 2023, based on alternate day collection.

Tirlán continues to lead the analysis for both high- and average-solids milk, with no positional changes from the previous leagues on either milk quality.

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