Some of Ireland’s really good land is being converted into solar farms and there will be less food generated from that land as a result, Teagasc director Frank O’Mara has said.

When asked on a Teagasc Signpost webinar if it concerned him that good-quality land is going into non-food production activities, O’Mara said it is a matter for each individual landowner to decide what to do with their land.

“My position is the head of the agriculture and food development authority. I don’t want to see a reduction in our food production capability.

“Some of our really good land being converted into solar farms… you’re going to produce less food off that. Certainly, there may be opportunities for some light grazing, but it’s not going to produce as much food as it did previously,” he said.

He said he believes solar energy is really important and that there is “huge scope” to increase the solar generation on farm and industrial buildings.

The topic will be discussed at next week’s Energy and Farm Diversification show at Gurteen College on 18 July.