We farm: “A total of 1,500ac. We keep a herd of 400 pedigree and commercial cows as well as a flock of about 850 ewes. I would be the sixth generation farming here and the seventh generation is coming through. I have two sons and James, the eldest son, is starting to take on more of the management responsibilities of the farm while Duncan, currently studying law, takes an active interest in the business.

This week: “We are just finishing up harvesting about 80ac of winter barley. It looks like a good straw yield this year at about 5-6 round bales/ac, which will be needed. We were pleasantly surprised with the barley too, with yields of over 3t/ac at moisture of 17-18%. We keep all the barley and straw for our own use. The barley is part of the rotation on the farm but it also helps us to insulate against the market prices.