The Dairy Calf Beef Programme which opened earlier this year will become a mainstay in the RDP 2023-2027 under the new name of the Dairy Beef Welfare Scheme.

With the same funding of €5m, it is unlikely that this scheme will deviate much from the current scheme which includes payment of €20 per calf to a maximum of €400 per farm in return for recording weights.

There was no mention from the Department of Agriculture about forestry supports under the next CAP. The Irish Farmers Journal understands that funding for the next forestry programme will come from Exchequer funding.

There will also be forestry measures financed by eco schemes in Pillar I and the new flagship Agri-Environmental Climate Measure which will have a €1.5bn budget.

Farmers who have forestry on their land will remain eligible for the Basic Income Support for Sustainability (BISS), which will replace the BPS.

Meanwhile, funding for LEADER is included at €180m over the five-year period, with no further details released on Wednesday on how this will operate.