New Zealand milk price is at a record NZ$8.70 in the current season, equivalent to about 35c/litre in Irish money.

However, similar to the Irish scenario, costs on farm have spiralled and the two big costs that are biting at farm level are labour and fertiliser.

While drought hasn’t taken hold of any big part of New Zealand just yet, feed could become a bigger cost inflation part of the mix in the coming months.

On this week’s Farm Tech Talk - The Livestock Show, Olin Greenan speaks openly about the issues facing Kiwi dairy farms as they enter the second half of lactation.

The main processor Fonterra is going through a pretty decent spell and the recently-accepted changes to sharing up by shareholders is going down well with shareholders.

Fonterra has revised downward supply for the current season, as early-season losses are not going to be picked up.

For anyone interested in New Zealand dairy farming, this short video will bring you right up to speed on the key issues.