Newford Farm recently weighed 2020-born bullocks and heifers to gauge performance to date over the winter.

The bullocks weighed 397kg on average on 15 January and recorded an average daily gain (ADG) since housing on 30 October of 0.55kg per day.

The group has an ADG since birth of 1.09kg.

Performance over the housing period is running slightly behind the 2019-born batch (0.65kg/day), but their liveweight is 13kg higher, with bullocks entering the shed at heavier weights.


Heifer performance is running ahead of the bullocks, with ADG recorded at 0.62kg per day since housing on 30 October.

Interestingly, the heifers recorded the same liveweight of 397kg and ADG since birth as the bullocks.

The 2019-born batch of heifers were weighed on 15 January 2020, giving an exact comparison of performance.

The 2020-born group of heifers is 28kg heavier than their predecessors, with performance since housing running 0.07kg per day higher.

Yearlings are currently receiving ad-lib high-quality silage and 2kg concentrate supplementation. This level of supplementation will be eased back over the coming weeks in advance of turnout.

Calving preparations

Calving is set to kick off at the end of the month.

Calving pens have been washed and disinfected and cows are being closely monitored, with those due to calve first identified for transferring to straw bedding.

Slats are being scraped down daily and dusted with lime to reduce the risk of bacteria entering the teat canal and causing mastitis, while also helping to keep udders cleaner.