Ways of cutting costs on dairy farms
Aidan Brennan
Aidan Brennan takes a look at the impact recent milk price cuts will have on farm profit and looks at how farmers can cut costs.
23 August 2023 News
2,000 more farmers expected to convert to organics in 2023
The scheme is expected to take on a similar number of new organic farmers when it opens in October as it did at the turn of the year.
23 August 2023 Farm buildings
Irish farm buildings as unique as our grass-based system
When it comes to Irish farming, our animal accommodation is hard to compare to anywhere else.
ICSA calls for flexibility on organic housing rules
Comments from the ICSA organic chair come as a report suggests straw yields are back this harvest.
18 August 2023 News
Foyle focus on genetics to drive efficiency
Andrew Clarke from the Foyle Food Group spoke to the NI Institute of Agricultural Science last Thursday.
21 June 2023 Northern Ireland
Farm costs rising as bad weather takes toll
The Irish Farmers Journal livestock team examines just how much the poor spring is costing on farms nationwide.
13 April 2023 News
Farmer Writes: ground conditions delay turnout
On the subject of vigilance, no matter how often cows are checked, they’ll always find ways to get into trouble.
12 April 2023 Farmer Writes
Watch: €16,000 polytunnel for 72 calves brings value for money to Meath farm
Eoin Corrigan has utilised the concrete and space of an empty silage pit to create additional calf accommodation at a fraction of the cost of a conventional building.
29 March 2023 Buildings
Labour saving: transition calves on to grass
Getting calves out to grass will help reduce labour and disease pressure on housing while helping to develop the rumen.
28 March 2023 Management