Thrive: stamping out navel sucking before it becomes a real problem
Declan Marren
Navel sucking can be a real problem in the calf rearing shed if calves are allowed to develop the habit. Early intervention is key to preventing it.
Sheep, beef and tillage combining to good effect in Laois
Homegrown feed is used to produce high-quality beef and lamb, while organic manures are recycled to tillage lands to optimise output and reduce the need for importing nutrients.
12 April 2022 Management
Beef management: keeping on top of calf scour
Calf scour has become an issue on suckler farms as stocking densities in sheds increase due to changeable weather slowing turnout.
Thrive: 133 calves assembled on the demo farm
After a slow start to the purchasing season, calf numbers have started to move rapidly onto the Thrive demo farm over the last two weeks.
30 March 2022 Breeding & health
Thrive: managing temperature swings in the calf shed
The forecast is for some cold nights ahead, with temperatures dipping below freezing, while daytime temperatures could hit double figures.
16 March 2022 Management
Creating a microclimate in the calf-rearing shed
Microclimates can help provide the perfect environment for calves in the rearing shed. At all times, farmers should try to provide a well -ventilated yet draft-free environment.
9 March 2022 Management
Keeping on top of hygiene in the calving shed
Ground conditions are still marginal, delaying the turnout of cows and calves to grass. As calving sheds fill up, keeping on top of hygiene is crucial to lower disease risks.
8 March 2022 Management
Sheep Management: high-concentrate diets, weather woes and lambing prep
Where forage quality is poor then there will be little options in late pregnancy but to increase the level of concentrates offered to ewes.
23 February 2022 Management
Five steps to preventing calf scour
On suckler farms that normally keep cows housed for a short period after calving, scour can be an issue. Outlined are five ways to minimise the risk to calves.
19 February 2022 Management
Calf-rearing series: preparing for calf arrival
Dairy beef farmers should be in full preparation mode as calf arrival becomes ever closer for 2022.
16 February 2022 Management
Infection and difficult lambings account for 52% of lamb mortality
Dwayne Shiels, Teagasc, told farmers at the recent Teagasc lowland sheep conference that the first 72 hours of a lamb’s life are critical to lamb survival.
9 February 2022 Lambing
Beef management: tips on preventing scour ahead of calving
Adam Woods takes a look at preventing scours ahead of the calving season and shares some tips on treating sick calves.
9 February 2022 Management