Staged payment of vacant property grant being considered by Government
Anne O'Donoghue
Minister of State at the Department of Housing Alan Dillon said staggering the payment of the vacant property refurbishment grant is being reviewed and considered.
13 April 2024 Management
Five tips to prepare stock bulls for breeding
For suckler herds calving in early spring, breeding is one month away, so thoughts should be turning towards getting stock bulls prepared in good time.
10 April 2024 Northern Ireland
Buying stores to graze: Do the costs stack?
Where farmers are planning to purchase store cattle to graze and finish, doing up a budget before buying is advised. Kieran Mailey reports.
Slatted floors for sheep and calves: the pros and cons
With the recent straw shortages and another mediocre harvest on the cards, Martin Merrick analyses what merits there are in having slatted flooring vs. straw bedded for drystock.
10 April 2024 Buildings
Payments for vacant home scheme should be staged - Kelleher
Billy Kelleher of Fianna Fáil has said that payments for the Vacant Property Refurbishment Scheme should be staged, rather than paid in full when the works have been completed.
8 April 2024 News
Opinion: reasons to be cheerful - parts one to four
With all the awful weather, farmers need to focus on the positives as best they can and wait with optimism for the weather to change.
6 April 2024 Opinion
Five non-livestock jobs to complete before grazing starts
Before grazing starts on suckler farms, there are a few jobs to tick off first. Outlined are five such tasks.
30 March 2024 Management
Sinn Féin calls on Minister to outline response to fodder shortage
Sinn Féin’s spokesperson on agriculture said there have been warnings about a possible fodder shortage in recent months and this is now the case for farmers in certain parts of the country.
25 March 2024 News
Have finishing cattle feed and lying space?
Space requirements for feeding and lying have a big bearing on daily liveweight gain during the final intensive finishing period.
12 March 2024 Management
Tips for managing spring-calving herds until turnout
Where spring-calving cows will be housed until April, Kieran Mailey outlines some tips for indoor management.
10 March 2024 Sucklers
Over 6,000 apply for vacant property grant
There has been good uptake of the vacant property refurbishment grant since it was made available to rural homes in November 2022.
6 March 2024 Property
Applying for the Traditional Farm Buildings Grant Scheme
Martin Merrick highlights some of the eligible buildings, the criteria and the application process on applying for the Traditional Farm Buildings Grant.
6 March 2024 Buildings