MEP to push for environmental permit derogation for grass-based farms
Noel Bardon
The Industrial Emissions Directive does not currently apply to beef or dairy farms. However, this could change with the European Commission's proposals.
26 April 2022 News
Poultry housing order to be lifted
There has been a housing order in place to reduce the spread of bird flu since November 2021.
20 April 2022 Buildings
2019 v 2022: what does the same shed cost to build three years on?
With a rapid rise in farm building material prices in the past two years, and at a greater rate since January, what effect is this having on farmer's pocket?
Department's pass the parcel on peat
A query on peat extraction and exportation was sent around three Government departments.
13 April 2022 News
€128m worth of TAMS cash yet to be drawn down by farmers
Recent figures released by the Department show that significant funds approved for spending have yet to be utilised by farmers approved for investments.
11 April 2022 News
Have ya any road frontage?
The more of your land that bounds a road - the famed road frontage that gives it site potential for housing development - the more it can increase the value. Or can it? Amii McKeever reports.
17 March 2022 Feature
Treatment of calf scour and pneumonia in young calves
Michelle McGrath from Animal Health Ireland outlines the treatment options for pneumonia and scour in young calves.
15 March 2022 Breeding & health
Is reducing silage fertiliser cost-effective?
Farm finances are being crippled by higher fertiliser costs. But is it cost-effective to reduce silage fertiliser rates? Kieran Mailey reports.
15 March 2022 Management
Sheep management: peak lambing activity, selecting replacements and hygiene
With a relatively positive forecast, flocks which are lambing should take every opportunity to get animals turned out to reduce workload, pressure on housing and enhance hygiene standards.
15 March 2022 Management
Commercial flocks lose free-range status
A housing order to reduce the spread of avian influenza has been in place since November 2021.
15 March 2022 News
House in the Country: homes needed to sustain rural communities
In the final instalment of House in the Country, Anne O’Donoghue looks at the impact housing can have on rural communities, from the Irish language to schools and the GAA
9 March 2022 Features
House in the Country: ‘perfect storm’ for first-time buyers
Brian McMahon, a Co Clare based estate agent, discusses the challenges first-time buyers are now up against. Anne O’Donoghue reports
9 March 2022 Features