The 2021 crop of calves have all now been weaned on Newford Farm.

Analysis of waning weights by Teagasc's Michael Fagan shows performance on a par with the year previous.

The batch of 44 weanling bullocks weighed 331kg on average on 20 September at an average of seven months of age and achieved a liveweight average daily gain (ADG) of 1.41kg since birth.

This is similar to the 2020 crop of weanlings who were weaned 10 days earlier in 2020 at an average weight of 314kg liveweight and ADG of 1.39kg.


These weanlings will remain indoors on silage and 2kg concentrates until Monday before being turned back to grass where they will also continue to receive in the region of 2kg concentrate supplementation daily.

The batch of 41 heifer calves weighed 300kg at weaning on 13 September.

They also averaged seven months of age and achieved an ADG of 1.29kg per day since birth.

This is slightly behind 2020 performance, whereby weanling heifers averaged 313kg on 14 September after recording an ADG of 1.29kg per day.

These heifers are back at grass since the start of the week and have settled down quickly. They will also continue to receive concentrate supplementation of 2kg of concentrates daily.

Slaughter-fit heifers

A batch of 18 2020-born heifers were drafted for slaughter on Friday. The heifers averaged 572kg going up the ramp of the lorry. There was also eight dairy cross heifers which did not go in-calf drafted with this batch.

A full breakdown of their slaughter performance will be included in next week’s update.

The remaining 28 heifers being finished off grass are receiving 4kg concentrates daily.

Heifers will be reviewed in light of the slaughter performance of this week’s batch and it is hoped that there will be another draft in early October.

A batch of 12 forward bullocks pulled out for finishing off grass are receiving 5kg concentrate supplementation.