Asda to buy 100% British beef

Supermarket chain Asda has announced it will move to stocking 100% British beef in all its stores this autumn.

It is understood no firm date has been set for the move, but rather a gradual phasing in is taking place to allow supply chains to adapt.

The move comes on the back of a commitment made last autumn, when the Asda group was purchased from the US-based Walmart by brothers Mohsin and Zuber Issa, who are originally from Blackburn.

AHDB survey data from earlier in 2021 found that 63% of beef sold through Asda was British, with the remainder sourced in the Republic of Ireland. The decision to stock 100% British beef is a positive for farmers in NI and should help sustain processing demand going forward.

Meat plants look to prisons for staff

Meat processors in the UK have announced plans to employ prisoners to help plug the severe staff shortage within the sector.

Meetings took place between meat industry representatives and the UK government’s Ministry of Justice on Monday. Prisoners who have already been granted release on temporary licence will be targeted by factories for recruitment.

Some meat factories have also attempted to recruit ex-armed forces personnel to fill vacancies, although the Association of Independent Meat Suppliers has suggested that these efforts were largely unsuccessful.