A Week In The Country
Grace Hanna
Find out what caught the eye of the Irish Country Living team this week.
10 April 2024 Consumer
Consumer: low-cost finance for retrofitting upgrades
Financial barriers are among the main reasons preventing consumers from retrofitting homes, we break down the different funding options available, writes Sarah McIntosh.
6 April 2024 News
No competition in marketing of organic and conventional food - Bord Bia
Bord Bia’s organic sector manager Emmet Doyle said organic and conventional Irish food target two separate consumer needs.
A Week In The Country
Find out what caught the eye of the Irish Country Living team this week.
Legal: ‘how can I make Land Direct correct the boundaries?’
A reader is having an issue with their boundary map, but the first place to start may be having a conversation with your neighbour, advises Aisling Meehan.
3 April 2024 Consumer
Consumer: the cost of home energy upgrades
In week two of our retrofit series on SEAI grants available, we break down the different upgrade options and the associated costs, to help you keep the heat in, writes Sarah McIntosh.
3 April 2024 Consumer
Spending your VPRG grant
With up to €50,000 available through the Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant, we list the works that qualify and how much you can get, writes Tommy Moyles.
3 April 2024 Consumer
Editorial: Irish lamb producers are raising the bar
Your leg of lamb may cost you a bit more this Easter but spending on quality is always worth it, writes Ciara Leahy.
27 March 2024 Editorial
Consumer: retrofitting your home to unlock better energy
With up to €38,000 available in grants for a retrofit, more people are looking to upgrade the efficiency of their home and reduce their carbon footprint, writes Sarah McIntosh.
27 March 2024 Consumer
Agri-food trade mission to US to focus on expanding Irish influence
Minister of State Pippa Hackett commences a four-day trip to the US, with an aim to strengthen Irish exports.
25 March 2024 News
Power of meat in the USA
Meat consumption in US remains robust with biggest threat coming from cost of living crisis, not meat substitute products
22 March 2024 News
Milk prices rise as demand improves
A Kerry Group spokesperson said that global consumer demand is improving which should lead to improved dairy demand.
20 March 2024 News