Editorial: with food commodities, is there more to value now than just euros?
Amii McKeever
Value is the perceived worth in money of a set of benefits received in exchange for the price paid. But is the dial on what these benefits are assessed on changing, asks Amii McKeever?
3 December 2022 News
Supermarkets should stock more organic and local produce - CCAC
Chair of the Climate Change Advisory Council (CCAC) Marie Donnelly says farmers need to be rewarded more for sustainable production.
1 December 2022 News
Sustainability credentials a ‘licence to supply’ dairy buyers
Buyers of Irish dairy want to see the metrics from programmes designed to reduce farm emissions.
Editorial: Christmas consumer sentiment is down but far from out
It’s officially the “most wonderful time of the year”. But in our efforts to make it wonderful are we putting ourselves under undue monetary pressure; writes Amii McKeever?
30 November 2022 Amii
Northern Irish ice cream producers heading south with InterTradeIreland grant
Draynes Farm in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, have been dairying since the 1930s and - up to now - their business has grown organically, writes Janine Kennedy.
30 November 2022 Consumer
99.9% of meat and milk free from illegal residue in 2021
Testing of some 15,922 food-producing animal samples in 2021 found that just 18 were identified as being non-compliant with illegal residues.
24 November 2022 News
Smart savings for savvy junior consumers
Are you feeling the pinch this holiday season? Janine Kennedy is here to offer you some tips on how to stretch your pocket money.
23 November 2022 News
Finance: The importance of succession planning and making a will
As part of our series on loss and grief throughout November, Sarah McIntosh discusses the financial and legal conversations we don’t want to have, but must start.
9 November 2022 Consumer
The food service trends Irish farms and businesses need to know about
Ireland’s post-pandemic dining patterns are complex and food service operators face unprecedented challenges – how can they provide what diners want in the current climate? Janine Kennedy writes.
9 November 2022 News
Editorial: Did you hear Damien this morning?
It is said that tradition is a guide and not a jailer. Traditions should reflect the reality that things change and change with the times. Writes Amii McKeever
9 November 2022 Amii
OSI head of sustainability beefing up the meat debate
Only with capability does one rise to become Operations Director and EU Head of Sustainability in OSI, one of the world’s largest privately owned meat companies. Amii McKeever meets Claire Donoghue
9 November 2022 Features
National Potato Conference set for Meath venue
The theme of the National Potato Conference is ‘protecting your business for the future’.
8 November 2022 News