The price of concrete has increased €5-10/m3 since April sparking calls from the ICMSA for an immediate review of TAMS reference costs for building projects.

Quarries and concrete suppliers confirmed that concrete costs are being increased following a hike in cement prices.

The cost of concrete suitable for farm work has now increased to €135-140/m3. This is up around €10-15/m3 since last summer and a staggering €50/m3 or 55% since the spring of 2021 when costs were just €87-90/m3.

Concrete suppliers blame the price hikes on spiralling cement prices - which have increased by two-thirds since spring 2021 – as well as higher electricity charges, wages and general costs.

They also point out that the Mica levy introduced by Government last autumn has added a further 3.5-5% to overall costs. On the cost of delivered concrete, the Mica levy is adding around €4.30-5.00/m3.

Reacting to the latest concrete price hike, the ICMSA farm business committee chair Pat O’Brien called for an immediate review of the TAMS reference costs, to be concluded by August.

“The reality is that the Department of Agriculture has consistently failed to reflect the actual cost of construction and this simply cannot continue,” O’Brien said.

He accused the Department of misleading farmers by suggesting that they are getting a 40% or 60% grant when the reality was “completely different”.

O’Brien said the Department should also publish critical reference costs, such as that for a cubic metre of concrete, as this influenced so many other costs.