A calf born on the farm of John Foley, a suckler farmer from Bunclody in Co. Wexford may just hold the record for not just the smallest calf born in 2018, but one of the smallest ever born in Ireland.

The bull calf, a Charolais which was born from a Belgian Blue cow on 13 May measures just two foot long and two foot high and at present is only drinking 500ml of milk a day – an average calf can drink five to six litres.

"The cow was outstanding, I was expecting a much bigger calf. Last year she had Belgian Blue heifer that I just sold as a really good weanling. You can easily pick this calf up with one hand. A neighbour in his seventies told me he is the smallest calf he'd ever seen," John told the Irish Farmers Journal.

Despite all of this the calf is showing signs of improvement as John says: "He was able to get up straight away after he was born and is getting hardier now."

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