Farmers in Galway received just over €20.5m in Areas of Natural Constraints (ANC) payments last week, receiving 11.4% of the €178m in payments issued last week.

It was followed closely by Mayo, where €20.08m in payments issued last week. Donegal was next on the list with €17.4m in payments issuing and Kerry with €14m.

Farmers in Cork received €13.8m in ANC payments.

Some 9,716 farmers in Galway are in receipt of the payment, while 9,249 farmers in Mayo are in the scheme.

Lowest amounts

At the opposite end of the scale, at total of 127 farmers in Dublin receive a payment under the ANC scheme. This year, they received €279,190 in payments.

Kildare had the second lowest amount paid per county, with its 471 farmers receiving €779,328 in payments.

A total of 598 farmers in Louth received €910,173 in ANC payments this year.

Payment rates

The payment rates under the scheme are split into three categories: one, two and three.

The maximum rate available per hectare is €148, paid up to a maximum of 12ha for category one land.

The lowest payment rate is €88.25/ha for category three land on the remaining nine to 30ha.

A number of changes were made to the ANC scheme for 2023, you can read all about those changes here.