Approvals have continued to roll out for TAMS III tranche two, with 4,266 applications now approved out of the 9,110 applications submitted.

A total of 383 applications (4.2%) have been rejected and 206 applications (2.2%) have been withdrawn, with these figures similar to tranche one applications.

The current number of applications in progress for tranche two sits at 4,255.

The Farm Safety Capital Investment Scheme (FSCIS) proved the most popular among farmers, with over one third of applications (3,113) submitted under the scheme, which was included in TAMS III’s opening last year, which offers farmers a higher grant rate of 60%, irrespective of age or educational levels, for selected investments made on farm to improve safety.

Increases in application numbers were recorded in seven of the 10 sub schemes within tranche two.

The Women Farmers Capital Investment Scheme saw numbers of applications rise from 259 in tranche one to 438 in tranche two, a jump of 69%.

The FSCIS recorded the highest jump in applications, with 1,063 more applications received in trance two versus tranche one.

The Animal Welfare and Nutrient Storage Scheme (AWNSS), Dairy Equipment Scheme (DES) and Organic Capital Investment Scheme (OCIS) all saw a lower volume of applications in tranche two compared with tranche one.

Tranche one approvals

Some 435 applications still await approval under tranche one of TAMS III.

To date, 6,988 of the 8,203 applications received under the tranche have received full approval.

Earlier in the year, the Department urged farmers and their agents to reply to queries regarding their applications in a timely manner in order to speed up approvals, with non-correspondence risking applications being rejected.