Marshill Renewables are Scottish dairy farmers who have developed wind turbine projects in Scotland to values of over €12m and are currently developing another €6m wind turbine project.

Marshill Farm is a 700-acre livestock farm with approximately 400 dairy cows and is currently in organic conversion. “The farm is all down to grass for forage production and paddock grazing for the cows.”


Andrew Stewart set up Marshill Renewables in 2015 after seeing the potential in the wind energy sector and to diversify his farm business.

“I’ve always had an interest in renewable energy. Wind energy is an area that is becoming more and more popular with a drive to renewable sources of energy. Being active dairy farmers, we understand the pressures that farmers are under and how vital another source of income can be for farming families.”

After setting up the turbines on his own land and while farming, Andrew also undertook a masters in business administration (MBA) at Strathclyde University in Glasgow, in which he specialised in renewable energy.

“My main focus was using the tools for the MBA to identify which countries in Europe have the best conditions for renewable energy. My conclusion is that Ireland is now the best country in Europe to develop wind turbines.”

Land for rent

Marshill Renewables is seeking to rent in the Republic of Ireland for wind turbine development.

“We can offer farmers a top-of-the-market rent [rate] for land and at the same time we can develop wind turbines around you and your farm's needs. We aim to develop wind turbines in a way that won't impact the workings of your farm in a negative form.

“As we are a farmer-led company we feel we can offer higher rents and understand the needs of our landlords better than larger utility-led companies. We don't have middle men taking fees and wages and can make decisions quickly. The farmers can still farm the land even with the turbines present on the farm.”

Specific requirements

No matter how big or small your farm may be, Andrew says that all farms are applicable.

“There is a link on the website where all we need is the farm name and address and how many acres that it is and we can see from there. Some people may be put off depending on the size or location, so we can look after all of that. There would be no cost to the farmer.

“The key benefit is bringing money into that area. It brings in a source of income for a farm and its family, guaranteed for 25 years and index linked.”

Additional information

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