Mayo AD plant to source 42,500t of silage
Stephen Robb
It's been a busy month on the planning front, with some AD plants, wind and solar farms getting the green light, while others have been turned down, writes Stephen Robb .
1 May 2024 Renewables
Farmers urged to look at tax implications of solar panels
At the moment, if you go over 50% of your land covered by solar PV panels, you lose your agricultural relief.
1 May 2024 Letters
Are large-scale wind turbines a suitable substitute for fossil fuels?
"The question is, are large scale wind turbines a suitable substitute for fossil fuels and at what price to rural Ireland?" - Brendan Boyd, Kilcummin, north Mayo.
Microgeneration pioneers lose out on thousands
Farmers who installed renewable energy systems on their farms between 2009 and 2014, such as small-scale wind turbines, are losing out on thousands due to the delayed rollout of smart meters
24 April 2024 Renewables