If someone asked you “Are you racist?”, would you be horrified to think that anyone would ask you such a question? Would you reply “Of course not” indignantly? If, however, someone asked you “Are you judgemental?”, would you have to think about it a little more?

Three young black Irish women spoke recently about their experiences in Ireland on The Irish Times Women’s Podcast. It was not positive. The fact remains that racism is an everyday occurrence in our little country, but it may be hidden from the eyes of many of us through no particular fault of our own. On any given day, I am personally not too challenged or confronted by racism. All my family and friends look like me, all my colleagues look like me, in fact the majority of people that I know and interact with on a daily basis look... “like”... me. And when I say “look like me”, I mean the majority of them are white-skinned people and from a similar socio-economic background.