Farming land like ours by the sea in Donegal, can be challenging. We have 45 acres, which my Dad says is great for growing rocks. It’s quite boggy in places and being on the coast we get a lot of storms.

Mum and Dad met in London and moved back here when I was a baby. Dad is keen to regenerate the land. He has been busy planting trees to create shelter and sorting out fencing and drainage. We are already getting lots more birds about the place, enjoying the hedging.

My Grandad has always kept cows here, but Dad has been trying a few new ideas. We still have some cows, but we have bees, hens and other animals too. We are part of a rare breed programme for the chickens. One of the roosters we breed now lives at Wild Ireland in Co Donegal – it’s great that we can help preserve our heritage.

Hatching chicks is a highlight of my year, I give them all names and make sure they are well looked after.

My Mum is mad about horses. We now have four.

We take the Welsh Mountain ponies to shows, I help out with them and really enjoy competing. The local shows are a great way to see other people’s animals and meet up with friends.

One of my proudest moments was when my pony Blossom won two trophies at our local show with some of my school friends watching.


During lockdown, I used my savings to buy pygmy goats. I’m planning to breed them. I really love running around the fields with them after school.

They are great fun to look after. My least favourite animals are our geese – they chase me about and honk.

It’s hard work, but never boring. I really enjoy being outside all the time and having the responsibility of animals to care for. We get a few holidaymakers around and they wish they could live here all year. I wouldn’t swap what I have for anything.

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