When Rachael met Kate
The Dealer
Tipperary jockey Rachael Blackmore had an issue getting a cab to bring her to Wimbledon...
13 July 2022 Dealer
Record entry for Tullamore FBD National Livestock Show
My sources tell me that numbers of sheep and horses have seen a particular big rise since the last show was held in 2019.
Just how green is my pony?
From the poles they jump to the rugs they wear, how can we make our four-legged friends more environmentally efficient? Helen Sharp has some ideas to get you started.
‘Horses of sheep are a little too beefy’
The Dealer spoke to a sheep farmer who lamented selling the best of his early ewe lambs for the Easter kill.
27 April 2022 News
So you want to be a horse vet?
Not initially on the path to veterinary, Orla McGlynn discovered her calling to become a vet working her side-hustle student job.
27 February 2022 Feature
Rare breed chickens and pygmy goats
A young farmer in Donegal is taking an untraditional approach to agriculture.
26 February 2022 News