Sales of Irish real trees are expected to reach 650,000 according to the Irish Christmas Tree Growers (ICGT), following their 'Love a Real Tree' campaign. This year, the growers have been encouraging everyone to choose an Irish-grown tree as they are the most environmentally friendly option, with one tree replanted for every one harvested.

Over 80 Christmas tree growers are still selling their trees to the public all over the country. Up to 450,000 trees are expected to be sold throughout Ireland and a further 200,000 will have been exported to European markets, such as UK, Germany and France.


Chair of the Irish Christmas Tree Growers Christy Kavanagh said: “It can take between seven to 10 years before an Irish-grown Christmas tree is in peak condition and ready for harvesting. We had a good harvest this year as growing conditions have been particularly optimal, trees are displaying a good colour so we are looking at an excellent 2019 crop. And it is great to see the public supporting their local economy by choosing Irish-grown Christmas trees.”

The industry as a whole is worth an estimated €21m to the national economy annually. There are approximately 600,000 trees grown in Ireland per year, with 100 growers.

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