The Renewable Gas Forum Ireland (RGFI) has this week launched its new website which will act as a resource for accurate, clear and up-to-date information on the development of renewable gas in Ireland.

Renewable gas, ie biomethane, is produced from upgrading biogas to around 99% methane purity.

Biogas is produced from the anaerobic digestion of organic materials including slurries, byproducts and residues, as well as purpose-grown grass and energy crops. Biogas contains roughly 60% methane, as well as CO2 and other gases.

This fully renewable gas acts as a direct replacement for natural gas.

While biomethane is in its infancy in Ireland, the RGFI has been involved in developing a model to develop the sector in Ireland. Its member base includes key agri food processors such as Danone, Dairygold, Aurvio, Diageo and many more.

Business case

Last year, members of the RGFI presented their business case for biomethane, outlining the benefits of developing a large-scale, renewable gas industry in Ireland.

The business case outlined how agriculturally-produced biomethane is capable of displacing at least 12% of current natural gas demand by 2030.

In the video below, Russel Smyth of KPMG outlines the key elements of the business case.

Speaking in the video, Russel said that ”scalable, sustainable biomethane production is technically very achievable in Ireland and we have shown that Ireland has the necessary feedstock resources”.

“In addition, biomethane production and use aligns with EU and Irish imperatives to decarbonise industry and agriculture, and it supports a sustainable, circular rural economy,” he continued.

Associated benefits

The new online resource contains information on the benefits of developing an indigenous, agricultural-led biomethane sector.

As well as using bioemthane to contribute to decarbonising the country’s heat sector, developing the sector will have many other associated benefits.

For example, the byproduct of anaerobic digestion - digestate - can also act as an organic fertiliser and can displace chemical fertiliser.

Check out the new website here.

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