Ringside comment: quality weanlings steady but pressure on plainer quality
The trade for top-quality stores and weanlings is steady, but plainer cattle are a slightly slower sell and, as a result, the price gap is widening between the top and bottom.
Beef prices update: challenges continue in moving bulls
While some plants have started to work their way through larger numbers, a low appetite in others is resulting in slow movement. Some are even imposing penalties on bulls they deem out of spec.
In pictures: top of €2.92/kg at Roscrea female fatstock show and sale
The trade was described as defying beef price pressure with factory agents, butcher and wholesale buyers all competing for slaughter-fit cows and heifers.
Beef prices remain static
The beef kill has resumed what has become normal service for the final months of 2018 with throughput increasing and prices unchanged.