An ultrasound scanner, a handheld computer for TB testing and a caesarean section kit, which were stolen from a vet’s jeep in Tipperary last week, have been recovered.

John Berkery of Mulcair Vets told the Irish Farmers Journal that at close to 12pm on Friday night last, he received a call from gardaí telling him his equipment was recovered from a van.

“The van had been involved in a hit and run in Roxborough [Co Limerick] and it drove on. It was abandoned," he said. The items stolen from him were found in the van.

“I’ve most of my stuff back,” he said.

Smashed window

Berkery had left his jeep parked across the road from the church in Newport, Co Tipperary, on Thursday evening last while he attended to a cow in a nearby field.

Upon his return, the passenger window was broken, the door was damaged and a portable scanner with goggles, a handheld clippers, a handheld computer for TB testing and a box containing his caesarean section kit were stolen.

"The equipment robbed was well used, there's very little if any monetary value on it, but it will cost me money to replace.

"I had it arranged that everything was there for when I went to do a section," he said.


Berkery said that those who stole the equipment would have had no chargers for any of it and that the whole thing has caused him such an inconvenience.

"The jeep is off the road. I need to replace a window and they damaged the door.

"It's a senseless act of vandalism," he said, adding that a month ago, a vet in Nenagh was hit with the same type of theft. A section kit and scanner were stolen from her jeep.

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