Weather-related issues: The weather forecast for snow continues to vary from day to day. The greatest worry is likely to be a higher risk of hypothermia in newborn lambs. There are two degrees of severity. Mild hypothermia occurs when a lamb’s temperature is between 37°C and 39°C and is typically caused by lambs being born into a cold environment or consuming insufficient colostrum to generate heat. This is the less serious situation and can generally be rectified by warming the lamb and ensuring it receives colostrum/milk.

Hypothermia is much more serious where the temperature drops below 37°C. Here, treatment is influenced by the age and condition of lambs. Where newborn lambs are still able to suckle, then drying, warming and stomach tubing with colostrum should suffice. In cases where the lamb is very weak and unable to suckle, irrespective of what age, then colostrum or milk should not be given, as there will be a higher risk of milk getting into the lamb’s lungs.