Protesting farmers at the Slaney Foods plant in Clohamon have reached an agreement with the processor. Injunctions are to be permanently lifted on Friday, and normal activity at the plant will resume on Monday.

Following two days of negotiations with Slaney management, more than 100 farmers gathered in Kilmyshalll Hall, one mile from the factory gates, to debate the next steps to be taken. Over the course of the near three-hour long meeting, negotiators twice stepped out to put proposals to Slaney management.

Key demands

The key demands were that the injunctions against five farmers be permanently lifted and that farmers be allowed maintain a permanent peaceful, non-intrusive protest at the gates going forward.

This was agreed to and, in return, meat will be allowed leave tomorrow as soon as the injunctions are permanently lifted. Normal processing will resume on Monday, as roundtable talks begin at a national level.

The factory, near Bunclody in north Wexford, is Slaney Foods’ only processing plant. Slaney is the only one of the five processors embroiled in recent protests to have only one plant, making this agreement particularly vital.

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