Egg prices rise for consumers but not farmers
Barry Murphy
Egg producers claim they are not seeing the egg price increases promised when they stood down protests last year.
13 January 2023 News
Two women removed as directors from company behind ICA
Patricia Madden and Joanne Dunphy Allen have said that no reason has been given to them as to their removal as directors.
13 January 2023 News
French farmers dump apples in call for ‘fair price’
Farmers are calling for a price increase of 20c/kg of apples to prevent the “death” of their orchards.
Calls for accountability and transparency at ICA protest
Up to 30 members of the ICA held a protest outside ICA headquarters on Friday last.
11 January 2023 News
Many ICA members 'incensed and heartbroken' - former president
A former ICA president has said that all members want is openness, transparency and accountability.
8 January 2023 News
ICA protest: members demand answers from top brass
Three members of the national executive board of the ICA were removed from their positions in October, with members protesting at ICA headquarters on Friday 6 January.
6 January 2023 News
Beef complaints to competition watchdog collapse from 2019 levels
Issues with marts came up eight times between 2020 and 2022 in competition authority complaints.
2 January 2023 News
Protests in 2022: pig farmer and egg producer blockades
Pig and poultry farmers protested at a number of locations this year, calling for higher prices due to their crippling input costs.
31 December 2022 News
Egg farmers await price increase from SuperValu
Egg producers are awaiting a price increase to be passed back by SuperValu, following their protests at a number of supermarkets in October, according to the IFA.
28 December 2022 Poultry
China protests show the world still revolves around Beijing
Investor nervousness grew last week as protests expanded.
30 November 2022 News
Protests at Green Party conference
“Crap ideas lead to crap outcomes,” says protester regarding Government policies for rural Ireland.
30 November 2022 News
‘Farmers shouldn’t have to protest to get a fair price’
The Government's spend of €4m on a regulator must protect farmers and primary food producers, the IFA has said.
28 November 2022 News