Manpower, the world’s workforce expert, has released the results of its Employment Outlook Survey, which shows what is in store for 43 of the world’s major labour markets.

Irish employers are forecasting slow-paced hiring activity in agriculture, forestry and fishing in the coming quarter of 2016, with hiring plans just 2% higher than the previous quarter. Overall, there has been an increase of 4% in these industries compared with this time last year.

Agriculture is far behind other industries in terms of hiring activity forecasts for this coming quarter, with employers in electricity, gas and water forecasting an employment outlook increase of 20%, restaurant and hotels forecasting a 13% increase and transport, and storage and communication forecasting a 12% increase.

Agriculture in Europe

In the UK, jobseekers can also expect the subdued hiring pace in agriculture to continue in the third quarter of 2016, with employers reporting a net employment outlook of -2% for the second consecutive quarter. Hiring prospects in agriculture are down by 9% since this time last year.

In France, employers are forecasting an increase in hiring activity by 6%, while in Belgium the agricultural labour market slump is set to continue with a net employment outlook of -5%.

Germany is seeing its strongest forecast for hiring activity in agriculture since 2012, up by 7%. Meanwhile, the Netherlands remains stable with an increased forecast of 1%.