Coronation street

Billy is forced to choose between his career and Sean this week when the Gazette runs the story about their run-in with the pub landlord and he’s summoned to explain his carry-on to the bishop. Sean stops him resigning, but is forced to live with the consequences of having a secret relationship, including never being seen together in public. Will their love survive?

Elsewhere, a panicked David runs away with Max and Lily rather than risk losing Max to Callum. However, his plan is ruined when a frightened Max makes a call to his dad asking him to come and get him. Has David lost Max forever?


Babe continues to manipulate the Carters by offering to help Mick buy Shirley out of the pub. A worried Linda initially refuses her help, but when Mick rejects a peace offering from Shirley and she ups the price for her share, the couple realise that Babe is their only answer. What is she up to? Elsewhere, Kat and Alfie continue to thread softly around each other to give their relationship a go. But when they get some life-changing news, will this affect their plans?


A drunk Laurel attacks Marlon and is shocked when he finally tells her she’s no longer welcome in his life. As she tries to leave the village, she has an accident, which, despite her best efforts to hide, is discovered by Marlon and Cain. Realising how bad things have become, Marlon bans her from seeing the children and from coming home. What will Laurel do?

Elsewhere, Emma shows that she’s all sorts of crazy this week when she continues to try and stir between Chas and James. Even going so far as breaking into the pub. How far will she go?

Fair City

With Jim leaving in two days, Shane is determined to get the results of the paternity test, but is shocked when he opens the DNA test to discover that Jim is not his father. As Shane struggles to admit anything is wrong, Bob carries on as normal, unaware of the enormity of the situation. What will Shane do? Elsewhere, Jackie’s anxiety attacks worsen and as Doug tries to help her she lashes out. Has Jackie lost her one ally?