Five tips to prepare for autumn calving
Kieran Mailey
As autumn calving draws closer, outlined are some preparation tasks to carry out now.
29 June 2024 Management
Five management jobs for early July
As the grazing season enters the second half of the year, outlined are some jobs to keep on top of in July.
25 June 2024 Management
Time for pre-calving minerals in autumn-calving herds
Where autumn calving starts in August, suckler farmers should be looking to introduce pre-calving minerals in the coming week.
Five tips to stretch grass covers for grazing
Grazing management has become challenging for many farms as wet weather has left ground soft and growth rates are below demand. Outlined are some tips to stretching grass covers.
15 June 2024 Management
Weaning time for early autumn-born calves
Suckler calves born in August and September should be coming close to weaning and is a task that some farmers will complete before turnout.
9 April 2024 Management
Scanning autumn calving cows before turnout
If autumn-calving cows have yet to be scanned, it is a job worth carrying out before turnout.
26 March 2024 Management
Scanning time for autumn-calving herds
Suckler farmers running autumn-calving herds should be giving thought to pregnancy scanning.
30 January 2024 Management
Watching autumn calving cows for repeat heats
Where breeding got underway in early November for autumn calving cows, keep a close eye for signs of animals repeating over the coming week.
21 November 2023 Management
Five tips for managing the calf creep
Suckler calves should have access to a creep area during winter and the outlined tips will help to manage the pen during winter.
18 November 2023 Management
Five tips for autumn breeding in suckler herds
On farms operating an autumn-calving suckler herd, breeding is likely to get under way around the end of October to early November. Outlined are five tips to keep in mind.
14 October 2023 Management
Ticking off autumn-calving checklist
Suckler farmers operating an autumn-calving herd should be finalising preparations before the next crop of calves hits the ground.
25 July 2023 Management
Time for pre-calving minerals in autumn-calving herds
Feeding a good, quality pre-calving mineral to autumn cows will improve calf vigour and reduce problems during labour.
11 July 2023 Management