Know your summer dosing regimen
Adam Woods
Natascha Meunier from Animal Health Ireland takes a look at some animal health tips for June on livestock farms.
Keeping dairy beef calves healthy at grass
A healthy calf is key to hitting growth targets over the first grazing season in dairy-beef systems.
Grass+ Beef: decisions need to be made to maintain grazing quality
Strong growth in most areas of the country means keeping grazing quality ahead of stock now becomes the priority.
10-point plan for early season dosing
Darren Carty speaks with Ciaran Lynch, Teagasc sheep specialist, as part of the industry supported initiative to combat anthelmintic resistance in sheep.
Sheep Management: nematodirus, coccidiosis and lactating hoggets
It is coming to that stage of the year again where farmers need to be mindful to the risk of nematodirus in lambs and watch out for tell-tale signs of infection.
13 April 2022 Management
Beef Management: getting out grazing, coccidiosis and staying focused
Making sure turnout to grass goes well, treating and preventing coccidiosis and keeping your eye on the ball at the end of calving.
30 March 2022 News