In a rare occurrence, the spring barley harvest got underway in the past few days, with reports of crops being cut in counties Cork and Wexford, while some farmers are still finishing off the winter barley harvest in parts of the country.

The recent hot weather resulted in quicker ripening of crops. Planet spring barley, planted in early February, went under the knife in Carrigtwohill, Co Cork, on Saturday on Denis O’Connor’s farm. Tillage manager at Dairygold, Liam Leahy, stated that the farm is always one of the first to cut in the area as it is on light land and described the crop as good-quality malting barley.

The crop crossed the weighbridge at Dairygold Mogeely with a moisture content of 16-17%, KPH of 65, protein content of 9% and screenings of 2%.

Strong yields were reported, with the crop exceeding 3t/ac. Straw yields were also reported to be high with good demand in the area.

Leahy said that intake could prove slightly awkward this season, as winter oats, winter oilseed rape and spring barley come together on the back of the good conditions.