A white vintage David Browne 880 tractor that was stolen from a shed in Killeaney Glin, Co Limerick, in December is still missing.

The tractor had been left in a shed for safe keeping that had been locked with chains. There was also an unoccupied, private dwelling on the same property as the shed.

The tractor owners did not live close to the site, but on the morning of Saturday 7 December, a cousin of the farmer noticed that the shed door was open.

“The tractor originally belonged to my father-in law. It was about 50 years old, it has no real value, but, to my wife, it held a lot of sentimental value,” said the farmer.


His cousin believed that a storm had blown the doors open. He did not notice that anything was amiss.

“He closed the doors then, but I got a call from him the following week, saying that the doors were open again and a window in the back of the house was smashed,” said the Limerick man.

He travelled to the shed and then realised that the tractor was missing, as well as a copper water tank that had been inside the shed. It later transpired that a second copper water tank had been taken from inside the dwelling house as well.

“It must have been planned,” said the Limerick man. “They must’ve been coming down and checking that the place was empty. They probably got the doors loose first.”

He explained that a grandfather clock had been stolen from a nearby house soon afterward, as it too was unoccupied.


Gardaí in Newcastle West handled the case and the investigating officer told Irish Farmers Journal that he feels that it could have been separate incidents.

“Who would steal a water tank and a tractor? It doesn’t make any sense”, he said.

The Garda said that there was still an investigation continuing into the matter, but no arrests have yet been made.


The tractor owner also explained that he had offered a substantial reward for the tractor’s recovery “as it means so much to my wife” and that he did receive a couple of texts.

“I got texts telling me that they knew where the tractor was and to come and meet them to get it,” he said.

However, he felt that the texter was not genuine and followed his instinct to ignore the texts.

If anyone has information on the whereabouts of the vehicle, please contact the Garda station at Newcastle West, Co Limerick.

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