The key tasks for this weekend on dairy farms
Aidan Brennan
With a bit of extra help around for the Easter weekend, Aidan Brennan goes through some of the jobs that need to be done.
4 September 2021 Management
Beef management: Five management tasks for autumn calving herds
With autumn calving well underway, outlined are some management tasks to prioritise during September.
11 August 2021 Management
Beef Management: Finishing cattle, clostridia vaccines and autumn breeding
This week, we take a look at finishing cattle off grass and what the key points are to make sure animals keep thriving. We also take a look at clostria vaccines and breeding vaccines for autumn heifers.
Farmer Writes: quieter calves make light work
Efforts to improve cattle docility and avoid anthelmintic resistance have seen a drop of in the work load on Tommy Moyles' farm.
28 July 2021 Farmer Writes
Dairy Management: good weather, calf care and what vaccines to give?
Aidan Brennan looks at some of the key management factors for the week ahead on dairy farms.
17 March 2021 Management
Dairy management: good weather beckons
Aidan Brennan goes through some important tasks, with good weather on the way.
15 March 2021 Management
Farmer Writes: hiccups with the contract heifers
After four trouble-free years of contract rearing dairy heifers a couple of issues emerged this year, writes Derek Robinson.
2 December 2020 Farmer Writes
Beef management: five mid-season management tasks for cattle
As cattle reach the halfway point of the year, there are a few management tasks that farmers should be following up on. Kieran Mailey outlines some routine tasks to consider.
13 June 2020 Management
Five cattle management tasks for spring turnout
As cattle go out to grass, the workload will start to ease. But there are a few management tasks that are worth taking the time to carry out just as animals leave the shed.
4 April 2020 Management
Turnout tips – planning for grazing
Away from all the uncertainty of COVID-19, life on the farm continues as normal. With improved weather conditions over the past week to 10 days many farms are turning out stock this weekend.
28 March 2020 Management
Dairy management: fine-weather jobs
The good weather is finally here and the workload has gone up a notch, writes Aidan Brennan.
23 March 2020 Management
Remainder of potato harvest set to be a struggle
Stephen Robb talks to potato growers around the country about the challenging harvest this year.
13 November 2019 News