Department awaits Commission response on three-crop rule
Siobhán Walsh
The Department of Agriculture has applied for a derogation from the three-crop rule requirements, but has not received a formal response.
15 February 2024 News
Tillage Podcast: from the three-crop rule to break crop agronomy
On this week’s show, we have the latest from the Department of Agriculture on patchy crops and we report from the BASF technical conference.
15 February 2024 News
Minister must deliver three-crop rule exemption - IFA
Tillage farmers are struggling to meet crop diversification requirements, as bad weather continues to prevent planting.
Department to seek three-crop rule flexibility
The Irish Farmers Journal understands that work is under way to try to get some flexibility on crop diversification requirements, but there is no guarantee that it will come.
14 February 2024 News
IFA demands new tillage incentive scheme for 2024
The IFA has also raised issues with the unharvested crop support scheme at a meeting with the Department.
6 February 2024 News
Tillage risk, woes and carbon
Tillage farmers have faced a wet harvest, wet autumn and now a wet winter, which has led to a decrease in the area of winter crops planted for the second year in a row.
31 January 2024 Viewpoints
Weather washing winter planting window away
Wet weather continues to dominate and, as a result, the amount of winter wheat which has been planted in January and February is tiny.
31 January 2024 News
Tillage Podcast: little planting progress and three-crop rule update
This week’s show comes from the Drummonds winter conference and reports on a jam-packed paper on rules updates, opinions from the industry and what’s being done to maintain tillage area.
25 January 2024 News
Over 100,000 fewer straw bales in 2024
The tillage industry fears a drop in area as land availability, low incomes, seed shotages and rules impact farms.
24 January 2024 News
Tillage farmers face penalty if three-crop rule not met
The Department of Agriculture will treat tillage farmers on a case-by-case basis when it comes to inspecting crop diversification requirements this season.
24 January 2024 News
No leeway on three-crop rule in 2024
This will come as a blow to tillage farmers struggling with unharvested crops, wet land and a reduction in winter planting area.
29 November 2023 News
Tillage Management: no update on three-crop rule
There has been no update on the three-crop rule in recent weeks, despite the fall in winter cereal area.
22 November 2023 Husbandry