Key advice for farming in a heatwave
Barry Murphy
Farmers should take care to ensure livestock have water access and ample shade over the days ahead, as temperatures are forecast to reach 30°C.
18 May 2022 News
‘Absolutely wrong’ that farmers are demonised online
The vast majority of farmers in our upland areas are responsible and want to carry out farming in a responsible way, Minister Noonan said.
29 April 2022 News
Minister Noonan calls for ‘thorough investigation’ into Galway bog fire
The fire occurred beside the N84 Headford Road on Wednesday and the area is an important conservation area for curlew.
Illegal burning a ‘scourge on society’ – Minister Noonan
Minister Noonan also said that he will soon progressing a review of the Wildlife Act.
31 March 2022 News
169 farmers scorched with payment cuts to burned land in 2021
Farmers face deductions and penalties even when it can be proved that a fire had been started accidentally or that a wildfire had a non-agricultural ignition source.
30 March 2022 News
Wildfires in four counties over a week as ‘unknown’ area left burned
Fire crews travelled across county boundaries in some instances to quench wildfire blazes over the past week. Farmers have yet to assess the damage to their lands and the hit to their payments.
25 March 2022 News
Extend controlled gorse burning into March to reduce wildfires - IFA
The IFA national hill chair has sought an extension to the deadline after which the controlled burning of gorse is banned.
15 February 2022 News