Bolstering immunity with Bovilis Bovipast RSP: reduce and control pneumonia
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Sarah Higgins, ruminant and equine veterinary manager with MSD Animal Health, answers some frequently asked questions on bovine respiratory disease (BRD) and Bovilis Bovipast RSP.
Labour friendly vaccination in Co. Mayo
John Sheridan’s family farm near Ballinrobe, Mayo, combines cattle and pigs, but it’s the 500-sow farrow to finish pig unit that is his passion. It’s a high-welfare operation and it’s PRRS virus free.
3 January 2024 Dairy Equipment
SenseHub Dairy Ecosystem expands to help farmers improve milk quality
Dairy specialist Declan Collins attends the launch of new milking equipment by MSD.
Growth of the poultry industry reflects power of precision farming
Increasing consumer demand for chicken is being met by a sophisticated sector that the farming industry should be proud of, says Conor Sheehy, poultry business director at MSD Animal Health.
Salmonella vaccine supplies extremely tight
MSD confirmed that additional stocks of Bovivac S will not be available until the new year, although vets had expected to get additional supplies before Christmas.
13 December 2023 News