Sheep management: dealing with weather-related challenges and Footvax vaccine
Darren Carty
Two storms occurring in quick succession is compounding what has been a challenging few weeks for farmers lambing or finishing lambs.
11 September 2021 News
Final call for entries to Prevention For Profit competition
The closing date for the MSD-run competition #MyFlockOurFuture is 12 September 2021.
10 September 2021 Breeding & health
SenseHub open day: collars like having another man in the yard
Automated heat and health detection collars were discussed at a farm walk in Wexford, John Crowe reports.
Watch back: breeding export weanlings webinar
The Irish Farmers Journal will host a live webinar on Thursday 29 July at 8pm from the farm of Nicholas Bergin, Roscrea, Co Tipperary, on breeding export-type weanlings.
28 July 2021 News
Event: producing specialist weanlings in Roscrea - online demo
Next Thursday evening at 8pm, tune in for a specialist suckler weaning production demonstration from the farm of Nicholas Bergin, Roscrea, Co Tipperary.
25 July 2021 News
MSD launches new teat sealer for cows
MSD says Cepralock will have no air pockets in the tube, so administration will be faster.
27 May 2021 News
Senior hurling for MSD
MSD is well-known as the largest supplier of animal medicines on the Irish market but there is much more than animal medicine in the locker now.
5 May 2021 News
Watch back: Tullamore Farm sheep and lambing webinar
The event gave an overview of the sheep system, with a focus on lambing, breeding, early lactation management and animal health.
22 March 2021 Tullamore Farm
Watch: Dairylink webinar on soils and grazing
James King joins a range of panellists for a discussion about changes he has made to his dairy farm near Ballymena, Co Antrim.
10 March 2021 Dairylink
Listen: managing calf health on Dairylink farms
Sarah Campbell from MSD Animal Health discusses steps to boost immunity and reduce disease exposure in young calves.
27 October 2020 Dairylink
Robots in meat factories to solve COVID-19 challenges
Robotics in meat factories and the future prospects for alternative proteins were two of the topics debated at the recent Animal AgTech Innovation Summit.
14 October 2020 Agri Technology
WATCH: Animal breeding webinar - more milk or more fertility in autumn sires?
With farmers considering bull selection for November and December, we discuss what's important in our animal breeding webinar
29 September 2020 News