Growth forecast for Halal market
Phelim O'Neill
A growing market segment for Irish cattle and sheep is good news, but it isn't straightforward.
19 July 2023 Sheep breeding
Influence of religious festivals on sheepmeat demand
The three main religious festivals influencing sheepmeat demand, Easter, Ramadan and Eid al-Adha, now all take place in the first half of the year.
5 May 2023 News
Feast for a king - surge in meat and dairy demand expected
This weekend's coronation of King Charles III means an extra holiday and surge in demand for meat and dairy products for the festivities.
Sheep Trends: Ramadan delivers final 30c/kg boost
With last week’s sheep kill over 15,000 head lower, factories reacted strongly at the start of the week, lifting prices by 30c/kg to attract higher numbers forward.
19 April 2023 Markets
Sheep price update: Ramadan delivers another price boost
Quotes for Tuesday have moved on again, with Kildare Chilling and the two ICM plants increasing hogget quotes by another 20c/kg and offering a base price of €7.20/kg.
17 April 2023 Markets
63,744 sheep slaughtered in just four days
The keen appetite for sheepmeat for the religious festivals of Easter and Ramadan is underpinning higher demand and supporting higher throughput levels and improved prices.
12 April 2023 News
Sheep price update: factories keen to resume processing
With the end of Ramadan looming, meat factories are planning to hit the ground running on Tuesday to try to compensate for two days less processing.
10 April 2023 Markets
Sheep Trends: keen buying for Easter and Ramadan
Lamb quotes have firmed by 10c/kg on last week’s level, with quotes ranging from €7.50/kg to €7.55/kg, while hoggets range from €6.80/kg to in excess of €7.00/kg.
5 April 2023 Markets
Spring lambs sell from €140 to €200 per head
A number of special show and sales saw small numbers of spring lambs reach and exceed €200 per head with the general prices ranging from €140 to €180.
5 April 2023 Markets
Sheep prices: keen buying for Easter and Ramadan
Factories continue to show a strong appetite for hoggets and are also interested in supplies of spring lamb for the Easter trade.
3 April 2023 Markets