Climate and environment
Less pesticide in drinking water in 2022 – EPA
Barry Murphy
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has published a report on the quality of Ireland’s drinking water in 2022.
22 June 2023 News
My Farming Week: Gerry Fitzsimons, Mullahoran, Kilcogy, Co Cavan
Organic beef farmer from Co Cavan, Gerry Fitzsimons, sells some of his beef locally in the beef box scheme.
29 May 2023 Farmer Writes
Farmer Writes: ACRES - riparian buffer zone
Letting the field go wild as part of the per-ha payment should easily generate more income for the farm, writes James Strain.
Farmer Writes: turnaround in the weather
With the dry weather, it was also time for dad to get out with the quad and rush licker to start our annual battle against the rushes, writes Karen McCabe.
26 April 2023 Farmer Writes
Farmer cash for baling and burning rushes – conference
A conference will be held where farmers can learn about the potential of earning money from baling rushes, used for biochar.
Successful weed control helped by appropriate timing
The infestation of weeds in a sward can have a major negative effect on the performance of grassland swards and volume of grass grown and utilised.
23 April 2023 Management
Time to target grassland weeds
With ground slowly drying out, attention will turn to grazing and fertiliser. But don't forget about controlling grass weeds before they get too strong and produce seeds.
18 April 2023 Management