Northern Ireland
Dairy cows peak at £3,300 in Kilrea
Kieran Mailey
High milk prices have increased buying demand for dairy stock with cows peaking at £3,300 in Kilrea Mart this week.
Dairy auction on track again after 1.5% rise
After a run of falling prices, dairy markets received a boost on Tuesday as the GDT recorded a positive price trend.
Arrabawn consolidates and lifts profits
Arrabawn Co-op, headquartered in Nenagh in north Tipperary but collecting milk in 15 counties, performed well in 2021 when we look at the numbers.
Milk prices: how could a shortage of palm oil affect Irish milk prices?
The dairy processors need gas to continue processing. Water is 87% of milk, so it needs to be dried off to get the butter, powder and cheese out.
1 May 2022 News
Milk price indicator rises to 49p/l
UK and EU dairy markets continue to strengthen, pushing the milk price indicator above 49p/l.
13 April 2022 Northern Ireland
EU dairy commodity prices continue to rise
Demand for dairy commodities on European markets continue to rise, despite a slight easing in GDT prices.
6 April 2022 Northern Ireland
Positive outlook for dairy markets in 2022
Dairy commodity markets have seen growing demand over a sustained period of five to six months, fuelling hopes for further price increases this spring.
5 January 2022 Northern Ireland