Dairy management: grass growth rates under pressure
Aidan Brennan
Aidan Brennan says that colder than normal weather conditions is leading to a lower than normal grass growth rate.
5 June 2024 News
Organic farming in the heartland of tillage country
Gavin Tully is an organic tillage farmer near Camolin, Co Wexford. Niamh Murphy explains why he made the switch.
15 May 2024 Soil
Getting to grips with red clover silage
Red clover has been increasing in popularity, but its establishment and cutting procedure differ from that of traditional ryegrass swards.
Know the fertiliser N and P limits for grassland
The introduction of the fertiliser database has put a greater focus on determining fertiliser allowances with potential penalties liable if limits are exceeded.
Extension to national liming programme a practical move - IFA
Given the challenging weather in recent months, the IFA said the extended date for spreading lime will "alleviate pressure".
13 March 2024 News
Further 5% reduction in chemical nitrogen ‘likely’
Teagasc’s Dr David Wall said it is his understanding the NAP will come up for public consultation soon and a further 5% reduction in chemical nitrogen application is 'likely'.
28 February 2024 News
Sheep Management: fertiliser considerations, scratching sheep and SIS details
An investment in fertiliser to boost grass growth is more economical and labour beneficial than supplementing ewes and lambs in early lactation.
28 February 2024 Management
Soil fertility not ‘sexy’, but key to sustainable production – Teagasc scientist
Farmers need to focus on getting the basics of food production right, Dr David Wall tells online Teagasc Soil Conference.
26 February 2024 News
Training fully booked for soil scheme
All courses to be held this spring as part of the SNMS are fully booked with farmers now being directed to the online training option.
14 February 2024 Northern Ireland
Where to for fertiliser in 2024?
Aidan Brennan asks if farmers would be right or wrong to spread more fertiliser in 2024.
31 January 2024 Fertilizers
Farmers urged to manage slurry properly
A recent CAFRE open day focused on making best use of livestock slurry on farms this spring. Kieran Mailey reports.
24 January 2024 Northern Ireland
Top tips for soil sampling before spring
Soil samples should be taken before the lifting of the fertiliser and slurry restrictions in early 2024.
29 December 2023 Management