Two-year derogation exclusion for breaching farmers
Noel Bardon
Framers who do not comply with conditions of a derogation will see big implications for farm management the year after a breach took place.
25 January 2023 News
Political pressure ‘probably’ on Commission to squeeze derogation
The Commission could have been pressured politically when agreeing the terms of Ireland's nitrates derogation, a senior inspection in the Department claims.
25 January 2023 Grass & feeding
Higher-yielding herds in the firing line for nitrates
The Irish Grassland Association dairy conference heard that profitability on higher yields could drop by 53%, reports Aidan Brennan.
When the life partner becomes the business partner
Aidan Brennan reports from the Positive Farmers conference where the challenges of being a couple and running a farm was discussed.
18 January 2023 Management
Ticking all the right boxes when housing sheep
The end of the calendar year spells the end of the grazing season for mid-season flocks.
4 January 2023 Buildings
An early CAP should be your new year promise
With the new year around the corner and the field work quiet, the next couple of weeks offer an opportunity to get on top of paperwork.
28 December 2022 News
What’s the cost of compliance with the nitrates directive?
The upcoming Irish Grassland Association dairy conference is going to address some of the costs involved in complying with new environmental rules.
21 December 2022 Grass & feeding
EU confirms Irish fears on carbon leakage
EU analysis has shown that 80% of EU carbon emissions that would be saved if compulsory stocking rate cuts were imposed would just be produced in other regions of the world.
14 December 2022 News
Nitrates - broad brushstroke stocking rate ill-judged
Farmers will, or at least should have, no problem with many of the proposed positive changes to manage nutrients.
14 December 2022 Viewpoints
Cow banding rules to bring 'utter chaos' within weeks – ICMSA
Many farmers have still to understand the real impact that new cow banding rules will have on their farm, the ICMSA has claimed.
14 December 2022 News
Push towards lower stocking rates and lower output
For all those submitting to the organic scheme by the 9 December deadline, plan for conventional prices and a policy of grow your own with on farm nutrients.
2 November 2022 Viewpoints
Milk sustainability bonuses floated
Some Irish co-ops have started ‘sustainability’ type bonuses to the tune of 0.5c/l compared to the Arla proposal up to a maximum of 3c/l.
12 October 2022 News