Fossil fuel subsidies ran to $7tn in 2022, according to the IMF
Lorcan Roche Kelly
Calculation takes into account the undercharging for damaging environmental effects.
26 July 2023 Viewpoints
Renewable energy race heating up
The cheapest renewable electricity in these latitudes will most likely come from onshore wind.
7 June 2023 News
Further livestock ferries sought by island farmers
Government's new policy on islands recognises that agriculture on islands can suffer from an absence of vets.
‘We have no international commitment to feed the world’ - Green MEP
Irish Green MEP Grace O’Sullivan argues that Ireland has no responsibility to feed other nations, but does have obligations to act on the environment.
Governments can’t outsource policy formation
Citizens assembly on biodiversity loss could find a way to solve one problem, but with the consequence of creating a multitude of others.
9 April 2023 News