Late payment by retailers the biggest problem in EU food supply chain
Anne O'Donoghue
Approximately 41% of the unfair trading practices detected in the food supply chain last year were identified at retail level.
24 April 2024 Dealer
Protector sought for regulator’s data
The Agri-Food Regulator is on the look out for a data protection officer, but perhaps the Dealer wouldn't be the best candidate for the role.
8 April 2024 News
Agri-Food Regulator urges agri-food companies to appoint liaison officer
Buyers of agri-food goods must report on their compliance with unfair trading practices rules annually from 2025.
Agri-Food Regulator reports 'good progress' in early dialogues
Agri-Food Regulator has clear directions on unfair trading practices legislation, but will have to find their own way on bringing transparency to the supply chain.
29 March 2024 News
Commission plans more fairness for farmers
The Commission announced its plans to beef up the fairness rules retailers and processors must follow when dealing with farmers.
20 March 2024 News
European solar manufacturers face wipeout
The booming solar energy sector could soon be exclusively supplied by imported solar panels, as cheaper imports threaten to close down the European solar manufacturing industry.
8 February 2024 News
Farmers await Agri-Food Regulator moving into action phase
The Agri-Food Regulator's office is just about half way to completing its first 100 days and farmers are waiting to see what it will deliver.
2 February 2024 News
Regulator's engagement begins with stakeholders
Niamh Lenehan has been formally in office for just over a month and she outlined the ambitions for the Agrifood Regulator's office.
19 January 2024 News
Agri-Food Regulator opens for business
It took a long time to put in place but now it is here, can the Agri-Food Regulator deliver for farmers?
20 December 2023 News
End of beginning for Agri-Food Regulator
It has taken a long time, but the Agri-Food Regulator's office is now open for business.
15 December 2023 News
Agri-Food Regulator’s role is not price making, Healy says
The new Agri-Food Regulator was officially established in Backweston, Co Kildare, this Wednesday.
14 December 2023 News
Establishment of Agri-Food Regulator will be a 'significant day' - IFA
The Agri-Food Regulator is set to be up and running on 13 December 2023.
29 November 2023 News