Weekend walks: making the most of good weather
Anne O'Donoghue
With good weather given down for the weekend, it’s time to get those walking shoes on.
20 April 2022 Features
Walk on the wild side
Want to stretch your legs? Then check out the Irish Country Living team's favourite tracks and trails.
13 April 2022 Features
Meet Orca the Great Dane, puppy of the year
Jo Gurney has always been a dog person. She co-runs a boarding kennels in Co Sligo and her Great Dane Orca won Petmania Puppy of the Year 2021. In conversation with Anne O’Donoghue.
Around the Country: April’s Adventures
The days are finally getting longer again – all the more reason to use the extra time to engage in some indoor and outdoor activities this month, writes Ilka Denker.
13 April 2022 Around the country
What's on: your April events guide
From kids to adults, there is an event for everyone in April. Get creative, go to a fashion show, see a musical or take a hike, but most importantly - enjoy this month, writes Ilka Denker.
13 April 2022 Around the country
Weekend walks by the seaside
With good weather promised, it might just be the right time to get out and about for a walk by the sea.
25 March 2022 Features
Biodiversity: Creating a sanctuary in a haven
Mount Juliet is beautiful on any given day but blanketed in snow, it is even more magical. It is in this setting that Dan O'Neill gives Amii McKeever a tour to explore their rewilding activities.
23 March 2022 Features
Honeybee legs – not just for walking
Did you know that it is a bee’s feet or claws, that may be the cause of her assuming danger and in defence, respond appropriately by stinging the aggressor? Beekeeper Willie O’Byrne writes.
2 March 2022 Features
Forest bathing: connecting with nature and yourself
You might have an idea of what forest bathing is, but when you read Ilka Denker’s recent experience, you’ll soon realise it is in fact nothing like what you’re thinking.
16 February 2022 Living Life